Whether you have a large or small readership, applying creative and stylish designs to your magazine layouts helps captivate the audience, keeps things interesting and engages your readers. DPS’s designers have worked on all types of magazines, helping to increase readership and advertising revenue. We work with small and large organisations, helping to modernise and inject some style back into your publications.

Make the most of your magazine!

Planning and putting together a magazine is a huge task, so the last thing you need is to be let down on the magazine design. Our experience in designing magazines helps the editors and editorial teams we work with ensure the design stage of the project goes smoothly. We’ll work with you across every stage of the project – from initial flat plans to collating copy and images – our design team has the experience you need to create awesome creatives and fully understand the magazine design process.

Project management.

There are two main ways that magazine projects generally progress. The first is where our clients collate everything for the publication first and then supply it all in one go. The second is where content comes over as-and-when it’s ready. We’re happy to work either way.

Awesome creatives.

Having a trusted process is one thing, but if your magazine lacks a professional design it won’t be in print for long. Our designers can work on a per-spread basis, designing each article as the content comes over, or we can help you to plan the look and feel of your magazine design before the first issue. Creating a style guide specifically for your publication means whatever magazine designers you use, they have a clear guide to the layout – from grids to colours and fonts.

Go interactive!

Like many of today’s publications they need to be interactive and be able to be viewed online. We can turn your magazine or newsletter into a fully interactive pdf with full navigation and menu capability. This can open up your readership to a whole new world! Advertisements become responsive with the ability to create direct hyperlinks to websites and email addresses, whether it to be uploaded to your site or sent via an attachment within an email.

Let’s design your magazine.

If you have a new or existing magazine that you need designing, talk to DPS. Just complete the contact us form and one of our design team will get in touch to discuss your requirements in more detail.

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